A New Developer with Disruptive Ideas

One + Two Shaughnessy

By Kutak Development
Port Coquitlam


Here’s how this first-time developer outperformed the competition.

The Kutak Development team had extensive industry experience, but no brand recognition. Originally in the business of providing data-driven services to other developers, they’d been instrumental in the success of several communities but hadn’t developed any projects under their own name.

Then Kutak purchased a property in downtown Port Coquitlam and came to Momentum with big ideas—not just for that first project, but for their long-term role as a developer. Kutak believed the industry could do things better. Their goals were to make the home-buying process personal, customizable, and transparent. More than just creating a building, they wanted to establish a legacy.

Highlighting the innovative aspect, Momentum worked closely with Kutak and agency partners to build a developer brand that informed product design, the purchasing experience, and community relationships. Project marketing evolved within that well-defined framework. This holistic strategy drove exceptional sales performance and positioned Kutak for ongoing success.


The key to success was understanding our prospective buyers—their enthusiasm for innovation and their desire to personalize their home.

Project Challenges

Not only was this disruptive developer unknown, but their first project was in Port Coquitlam—a community not known for innovation. The water table was too high for the expected underground garage. Space for a traditional Presentation Centre was in short supply. These obstacles were overcome—and Kutak’s goals were addressed—by focussing on the brand.

Solutions built into the developer brand.

Kutak already owned a proprietary development process called KutakKIS (Kutak Intelligence System), which uses metrics to improve efficiencies for developers. Working with Momentum, they developed two other innovations. KutakXP is an online homebuyer configurator that lets buyers personalize their homes. At One Shaughnessy, they could choose from 27 possible finishing combinations and view designs in the context of their other choices.

This tool met Kutak’s goal of customizing multi-family living. It also allowed them to sidestep the expense of a display suite; they sold every home from a small retail space with an iPad and flatscreen TV. Finally, the ability to personalize condos created a media buzz.

The third innovation, KutakMe, brought transparency in the form of a portal for two-way communication. Instead of simply waiting for construction progress updates and move-in dates, buyers can ask questions at any time. The portal also welcomes homeowners to their new neighbourhood with special offers from nearby shops and services, increasing the sense of community and support for local businesses.

Kutak became known for architectural innovations as well. In the absence of an underground garage, they introduced automated stacked parking to Port Coquitlam. With strategic customer education, this novelty added to the cool factor of a forward-looking brand. Momentum championed bringing the first great rooftop experiences to town, with a unique sky lounge that became another reason to choose One Shaughnessy.

Meet Kutak Development

The Outcome

A digital media strategy drew the interest of targeted homebuyers, gathering 703,143 impressions over 7 months. Momentum built a database of 5,289 registrants, then invited buyers to the storefront and helped them customize their homes. Quickly following the success of One Shaughnessy came Two Shaughnessy, selling from the same retail space. The buildings outperformed competing projects—for both sales velocity and price per square foot—without the competition’s deep investment in display suites. The Two Shaughnessy penthouse achieved the highest price of any Port Coquitlam condo at the time of sale.