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Our residential Realtors are passionate about providing a premium level of service for our clients.  No matter which one of our team members you are working with, you are hiring a realtor who has market knowledge, has in depth experience in the real estate industry, and who uses the most tried and true practices to achieve results. Every one on our team cares about your outcome, and works hard to get the best price, best location, best marketing, and yes, even the best coffee.


Our complimentary, no obligation, home evaluation will provide you with an estimate of value.  We will use a variety of sources to including:  comparable sales, active inventory, trends, general market knowledge and expertise. 


All successful home sales begin with purposeful planning.  We will tailor a plan that will most effectively reach your target audience across a wide range of mediums.  Before we are able to layout the best plan of action, it’s critical that we hear your objectives and goals.  Of course everyone would like to sell for the most money, but, what are the motivating factors in your decision to sell.  Are you looking for more space?  Trying to downsize?  It’s important we know your objectives so that we can collectively strategize the best plan for your situation. 


Full MLS exposure on all available platforms with photos, videos, and all relevant information at the buyers fingertips (eg. floor plans, site survey, etc.)


Unique to Momentum, we have a full time, in-house digital marketing specialist.  This allows us the ability to run the most effective ad campaign.  We are able to target a specific demographic, the area you live in (or drive through), or your hobbies and interests.  Additionally, our digital specialist is able to track the performance of the ad’s and make appropriate changes as they are needed.  In most cases, your property will be viewed by upwards of 20,000 people.


We are active on Facebook and Instagram social media channels.  With a growing list of followers, we’re able to spread the word organically with people engaging in our posts and sharing your property info. with friends. 


Our website is designed to make the online viewing experience more enjoyable.  All of our listings feature a custom view that allows for large, high-res. photos to be displayed and easily navigated.  We have also designed our website to be fully responsive on all devices. 


It’s essential in today’s digital marketplace that your home is showcased in the best possible light.  We hire a professional photography team that will produce amazing HD still photos of all interior and exterior features. 


Video is king!  An engaging, high quality video will help draw potential prospects to your home.  And, when its beneficial to provide a birds eye view of the home, an HD video from a drone is in order!


In recent years print advertising has taken a back seat to digital online advertising.  However, some buying demographics still like to pick up their weekend paper and browse the featured properties.  


Similar to print advertising, direct mail flyers can be an overlooked method of spreading the word.  This can be an excellent supplemental advertising piece in combination with the overall marketing campaign.


Last but certainly not least.  Signage can be one of the most critical factors in a successful sale.  Because it’s a reflection of your property, we are serious about ensuring that all signage is clean, attractive and easily visible.