3 Years, 3 Lessons–Celebrating Momentum’s Third Year Brokerage Anniversary


May 14, 2021

This year marks Momentum’s third anniversary as a brokerage.

Back in 2018, we went from being a real estate team (Momentum Real Estate Group) to becoming our own brokerage, having had many proud accomplishments, exciting moments, and, of course, a few challenges to overcome since. Throughout those three years, one thing has remained the same: our team’s passion for what we do and the effort we put into every project we work on.

To celebrate the occasion, we invited our partners Steve Harder, Ryan MacDonald, and Wells Macey to each share one lesson they have learned during our three remarkable years.


Having the right people is the path to success.

– Steve Harder

It’s amazing to realize that we’ve tripled in size since starting the brokerage. I’m always wanting to push our business to the next level but growing isn’t without its challenges. In these past years, we have had to learn to “run” a business and not just “do” our business like we used to, and adding people to our team has been a crucial part of this process. When it comes to the Momentum team, not just anyone will do – they have to be both highly skilled and the right fit.

Every person on the team is an extension of our brand and us as owners, and we’ve done really well to build the team that we have in place. We can only continue to grow (successfully) if we continue to add the right people.


Nothing beats experience.

– Ryan MacDonald

A solid game plan is important, but some things can’t be known until you experience them. This principle would apply to many aspects of starting a new brokerage (or any new business venture). Here’s a great example: for our office, we took over an empty commercial space and we were able to design it from scratch – this was both exciting and daunting. This complete makeover required a good amount of planning and trying to predict how our team would work in this new space, where they would like to gather, how our visitors could be better received, etc.  

Overall, I think we have been very happy with our office environment but some of the nuances of the office can only be discovered once you experience it first hand. My main takeaway: You need to be able to take in new information and be able to pivot if a change is needed.


Working with a people-first mindset.

– Wells Macey

Great culture is the key to our growth! It is quite common to see this kind of appreciation for a positive work culture slowly fade away as offices grow and the business picks up. Taking time to celebrate our new team members and the daily successes, no matter how big or small, builds a chain reaction of enthusiasm, positivity, and pride for the work we do. At Momentum, we’ve continually striven to prioritize the quality of the people who join us, always celebrating our wins and focusing on people over the task at hand. Our culture is a major part of what keeps our team motivated and inspired daily.

So far, that approach has paid off, and I believe it will continue to do so. We are very fortunate to work with so many talented people, and we are excited for all that lies ahead!

We also want to take this opportunity to share our appreciation for each member of the amazing Momentum team, our clients, and our partners. You are all part of our success! Cheers to many more years to come!

Lygia Valezi, Creative Strategist at Momentum Realty Inc
Lygia Valezi
Creative Strategist