Our Unique Perspective

The next generation homeowner

Happy diverse family playing at home with their kids.

Homebuyers today want the best of both worlds. The walkability, connectedness, and social landscape of cities. The proximity to nature and value found outside the urban core.

They’re finding what they want in well-planned suburbs that pulse with urban energy: independent cafés, lifestyle shops, and yoga studios. Distance from the city is no longer a drawback. With remote work options, daily commuting may not be necessary. When it is, rapid transit makes the trip short and sweet. Commuters can watch Netflix or listen to a podcast on the train. 

This generation wants to really live where they live. They want head-turning architecture, stylish interiors, and social spaces beyond the privacy of their own residences. They want lounges on the roof, gastropubs within a walk, and outdoor adventures in their backyards.


And they want all of this without compromising attainability.

Progressive developers are answering the call.

With Momentum’s help, developers are leading a new urban hometown movement. They’re building design-forward condo towers and townhouse complexes within a short stroll of schools, grocery stores, and transit stops. They’re rethinking amenities to include bike storage, dog-washing stations, and meeting rooms. 

Redefining the concept of home

Real estate is no longer simply a product—it’s an experience. The home becomes an extension of the self. And by creating solutions to bring homeownership within reach of younger buyers, developers do more than solve an economic challenge. They foster a deep sense of belonging embedded in the very idea of home.

A legacy for the long term.

Forward-looking developers are building for the long term, growing livable communities that will thrive well into the future. Today’s buyers will eventually sell and move on to their next home. The developer’s legacy is neighbourhoods that become ever more relevant, taking on a life of their own. Homes for this generation, and the next.