Going Beyond the Ordinary to Introduce Creative Solutions


By Annesley Homes & Tessera
Burke Mountain, Coquitlam


Time and time again, our experience has shown that, sometimes, you just need to go beyond the ordinary by developing creative solutions to overcome unique obstacles.

Annesley Homes is a new development company looking to get started with a smaller townhome site in Burke Mountain, Coquitlam. Welcome Queenston, a limited collection of 24 family-sized townhomes situated beside a new elementary school and bordering a state-of-the-art playground. No question, it is an ideal location for young families looking to raise their children in an urban location that also benefits from being just steps away from an abundance of walking trails and park spaces.

Momentum worked alongside Annesley Homes to come up with a mix of unit sizes that would appeal to the demographics of the desired target market. Top of mind in the decision-making process was keeping an emphasis on parking (as most homebuyers will likely be commuting to work). At the end of the day, we knew the importance of catering to these young, working families and so each townhome was designed accordingly … cue the open spaces, home office opportunities, and adequate bedrooms to accommodate kids and guests.


We don’t use a standard playbook and fit your needs into our plan… We make a new, tailored plan every time."

Project Challenges

When working on a relatively small project, you need to get creative when determining the best (and most cost-effective) selling environment.   

In typical (and ideal) scenarios, the obvious choice is to build a presentation centre and furnished showhome in your first block of homes. However, doing so not only involves a full commitment to the project, but a lot of upfront investment also. In our case, Annesley Homes preferred to pre-sell units prior to construction.  

The most common method when pre-selling units would be a modular presentation centre on-site, or a commercial space nearby. Both of these routes are quite expensive and involve planning and considerable application/approval time with the municipality. For us, it was worth thinking outside of the box. So, we began to explore any and all opportunities that could be viable options.

The Outcome

In the past, we had seen another project convert a van into a mobile presentation centre. This seemed like an excellent way to create an on-site selling experience – something we’d prefer over a remote sales office. We proceeded by approaching a company who’s main business is van conversions – primarily into food trucks. Through a number of conversations, we narrowed down our wish list and came up with a budget. Momentum purchased a 16’ step van (similar to a FedEx truck) and extended the box by 2 feet to achieve some much-needed extra space.

The Queenston branding includes a full wrap of the exterior with a fully functioning presentation centre inside, complete with a 55” touchscreen, site table, colour boards and room to roll out construction plans. The Queenston project looks forward to launching in the summer of 2022. After the project is completed, the branding will be removed and we’ll be ready for the next opportunity. It’s ideal for smaller projects or as a supplemental marketing tool for a project of any size. With its ability to travel, it allows for amazing pop-up opportunities wherever and whenever you’d like.

At Momentum, we believe that each project requires a fresh perspective. We don’t use a standard playbook and fit your needs into our plan … we make a new, tailored plan every time.

Mobile Presentation Centre