Meet Megan Gambicourt, Office Manager Extraordinaire

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July 15, 2022


As a team, we are committed to making life easier for developers, partners, home buyers and sellers, and our communities. As individuals, each of us brings a unique set of talents that make a distinct impact on our company culture.

At Momentum, when we say we are people-powered, we mean it. Having recently embraced a new visual identity that truly conveys the story of who we are as a company, we believe it is time to celebrate this new chapter by introducing our team beyond the professional bios available on our Team page. And we couldn’t start with anyone other than our Office Manager Extraordinaire, Megan Gambicourt.

Organized, personable and with extensive administrative experience, Megan is the “smiling force” that supports our sales team efforts and all of our office needs. We sat down with her to chat about some lessons learned from her 3+ years working at Momentum and discover fun facts we might not have known.

1. What is your favourite part of your job?
My favourite part is the amount of learning I still do every day. Working with real estate, we have to manage and accommodate frequent changes to the way we do things. I am constantly learning new rules and laws, and staying on top of market trends. There’s no room to get stale, your brain is always sharp—which is what I love.

2. What memory have you created with the Momentum team that really stands out?
Shortly after I started working at Momentum, we had a team event that really made a mark. On a beautiful sunny Friday, we took a boat from Crescent Beach and went to Salt Spring Island. On the island, our team went golfing (some better than others), and we all had a fantastic time together. More than the boating and fun activities per se, it was great to bond and see everyone’s fun side outside of the office. Being the office’s newbie, that was a great way to get to know the team.

3. Have you learned any lessons at work that you carry for your life outside the office?
The main lesson that comes to mind is to focus on not bringing home to the office and vice versa. Working at Momentum, I see how maintaining a work-life balance can benefit both settings. I also learned the importance of staying positive at all times, no matter what life (work included) throws at you.

4. What always brings a smile to your face?
That’s an easy one! Henry, my sweet 7-year-old German Shepherd.

5. What do you most value in our team members?
The trust we all have in each other and the strong bonds we’ve built.

6. Can you share with us your favourite photo currently on your phone?

7. As a kid, what did you want to do when you were older?
I remember that, at age 6, I wanted to be a singer! Well, to be precise, I wanted to have an accent and be part of the Spice Girls. “My” number one hit was “Spice Up Your Life.”

8. What is your go-to method to decompress and reduce stress?
While at work, I make a list of what needs to be accomplished so I can clear my mind and focus on each task at hand by priority level. Out of the office, maintaining my exercising routine and going on long walks with Henry always help me to unwind.

9. What do you love about working with real estate?
At Momentum, we treat real estate as a lifestyle and not a business. A lot of planning and thought goes into every project, the client and partners we work with, and the communities we ultimately impact.

Whether you need support with any conveyancing-related matters or just want to have a good conversation with someone who will truly listen to you, Megan is the one for the job! You can reach out to her at [email protected] or 604.813.4232.

Lygia Valezi, Creative Strategist at Momentum Realty Inc
Lygia Valezi
Creative Strategist