Not Your Average Townhome Community

The Links Residences

By Infinity Properties
Guildford, Surrey


An award-winning community of 55 Tudor-style townhomes set amid lush green landscaping and located next to Guildford’s historic Golf & Country Club.

The Links Residences is a townhome community carefully developed off a parcel of land owned by the Guildford Golf Course. The owners of the golf course were passionate about delivering a product that would stand the test of time. After considering their options, they decided to partner with an experienced local developer – Infinity Properties. The end product was a charming community that seamlessly blended the homes with the nature surrounding them. With a lot of the homes backing protected greenspace and others backing the golf course itself, all homeowners were able to experience the warmth of a naturally private, resort-style community. Uniquely, The Links offered something for everyone, with three distinct product types ranging from 1,400-3,000 sq.ft.


The resort-style location made it easy for homeowners to play 18 holes with neighbours—while enjoying access to the convenient urban amenities nearby."

Project Challenges

As there were varying product types at The Links, we needed to cater to very different homebuyers. Sure, the diverse assortment meant that anyone could be a buyer, but the tricky flipside was that anyone could be a buyer. No longer did we have a specific “target audience,” but instead we had “target audiences.” Our smallest units were ideal for “move-up” buyers: young families needing more space while still being price-conscious. Our middle size homes (approximately 1,900 sq. ft.) were a match for a more established family with growing teens; those needing a little more elbow room, but with some price flexibility. Finally, our largest option had a master bedroom on the main floor and was designed for a much older demographic. In some cases, this included couples looking for a place to retire. Normally, the name of the game is identifying, pinpointing and catering. Here, we were posed with the challenge of appealing to all different types of buyers for the same project.

The Outcome

Through a concentrated and intentionally-designed digital marketing campaign, we were able to reach each buyer demographic effectively. Rather than being subject to the limitations of traditional print advertising, we focused the majority of our efforts on digital marketing, allowing us to direct each message and offering to the desired audience. When we needed to draw attention to a specific floorplan, we altered our messaging, creative and targeting to suit that particular audience. With an in-house digital marketing team, we were able to pivot quickly and had much better control of the messaging and approach. What’s more is we were also able to constantly monitor the metrics of the ads to push those that were performing best. In real time, we could see how a specific ad was performing, how the latest email blast was received, and what feedback the Sales Team had received at the Presentation Centre that weekend, and adjust accordingly.

The Links was launched during a period in our market that was in “flux.” We entered the scene at the very end of a busy market and quickly transitioned to a more challenging “buyers’ market.” We started sales in Spring 2018 and were fully sold out by Spring 2019. We’re proud to have worked alongside a developer and landowner that was committed to delivering a product that people were proud to call home. The grass really was greener at The Links Residences.